Johan ”Richard” Andor Buch founded Rich.Buch Jr. in 1892. He had been to sea as a sailing-ship captain and wanted to start his own business in Farsund. The main activities in the early years were shipwreck agency for insurance companies and ship-spedition.

Richard Johannes Buch took over the firm in 1925. As his father, he had experience as a sailing-ship captain and wanted to come ashore. During his time “at the wheel” Rich. Buch Jr. was involved in basically the same activities as before but was expanded to include a small liner service from Farsund to Kristiansand. The company also ran schonner’s who traded in the Baltic and the NorthSea.

Richard Urbye Buch bought the company from his father in 1950. In addition to the business already developed by his forefathers, main activities worth mention in his period were several agencies for distribution of goods such as beer and flower for the local region.

Another large project in the late seventies was filling of sandbags for the Ekkofisk pipeline and acting as agent for the supply vessels transporting the bags. There were also several large tankers layed up in the district that Rich. Buch Jr. were acting as agent for.

Richard Ivar Buch has been the owner since 1982. The last 25 years has seen the company grow considerably due to several events that has taken place both internally in the company and due to the industrial developments in the region.

In 1986 Rich.Buch Shipping Lyngdal (Earlier names: Lyngdal Havnelager / NorCargo Lyngdal) was founded. This meant that the expedition of the liner vessels and the terminal, which had been a considerable part of the core business of the company, was moved to Lyngdal.

Main reason for the move was pressure from one of Rich. Buch Jr. main clients, Fibo Trespo, who were situated in Lyngdal.

The terminal and the activity in Lyngdal has kept on growing and today consists of 7000 m2 of warehouse, has it’s own container-terminal and employs 7 people.

In the mid-late eighties Rich. Buch Jr. developed it’s chartering department and at the most this department disponed 16 vessels. The department stopped with own vessels in the early 90’s when our chartering manager decided to start up his own business(Norbroker), but Richard Buch Jr.’s chartering department is still very much up and running.  

Intersped Farsund was acquired in 1989 and in this connection the name Farsund Chartering was born. Farsund Chartering has been 100% owned by Richard Buch Jr. from the start but is the name that the market still connects with Rich.Buch Jr.’s Farsund office. By taking over Intersped Farsund, Rich. Buch Jr’s agency department grew considerably and has since become one of our main activities.

In 1992 Bredero Shaw established themselves in Farsund and has also contributed strongly to the the growth in Rich.Buch Jr in the latest years. Both when it comes to developing the chartering department in regards to the chartering of tonnage to and from Farsund, and the growth of the company’s agency-service, Bredero has played a large part.

During the 90’s Rich.Buch Jr. was also involved in a lot of the logistical operations on Bredero. Bredero was without any contracts from 2000 to 2004 which meant a drop in activity for Rich. Buch Jr and was again producing until 2007. Bredero have now closed.

Richard Sunde Buch, fifth generation of Richard, joined the family company in 2003. Before 2003 he worked 3,5 years for Wagenborg Shipping in Holland, one of Rich.Buch Jr’s closest businesspartners. He also worked two years for Western Bulk Carriers in Oslo. At the moment he is the manager of Richard Buch Jr.

Cecilie Buch Boyer, Richard’s sister, also joined the company in 2006. She has experience from Searunner, Hevold Shipping and Kuehne & Nagel and is now part of the leader group in the company.


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